Why I love Oak Ridge!

I just have to give a quick back story here. I am originally from Seattle, WA. It must have been a Friday night when I came to Oak Ridge 15 or so years ago. I could not get over all the people tail gaiting for a high school football game. I thought it was crazy. Fast forward to my first WILDCAT football game... I absolutely loved seeing the kids line up on the stairs just to touch each player. THAT is what got me! These little kids, lining the stairs cheering on their team would someday be walking down the stairs as a future wildcat. It all made sense!! That is why everyone in Oak Ridge tail gates during football season for a high school game! It is all about supporting your community! That right there, is why I decided my youngest was going to be a WILDCAT!

Now, I tell you all that because today, I saw it again! Community!!! Because of a crazy thing called COVID, these Seniors had their world turned upside down this year. But this amazing community came together! Everyone came to support these Wildcats! It was pouring rain, but it didn't matter! We were all there to cheer them on! These Seniors may not have gotten to walk the stage at Blankenship, but today they got to see just how much the Oak Ridge Community cares about them! I was touched, and again reminded, why I love Oak Ridge!

I tried to get everyone, but I also left you a gift in your goody bag from the Oak Ridge Civic Center. :-)

Congratulations Class of 2020!